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Demolition of Northampton gasholder begins

Demolition work has begun on the northern area of the Northampton gasholder site as part of a regeneration project.

Once demolished, the site will become part of a redevelopment, which will see in introduction of a new office scheme lead by the West Northamptonshire Development corporation (WDNC).

WNDC's director of regeneration, Chris Garden, has suggested that the site's regeneration will lead to a thriving business district in years to come.

The southern part of the site is also being prepared for regeneration, with a former depot building already demolished and the demolition of a second gasholder planned to start before Christmas.

The former gasworks was used to serve Northampton until the 1960s and then transformed for the storage of natural gas storage, which continued until 2012. With only a small part of the site remaining operational, local authorities decided that regeneration was necessary to put the area to good use.

Scott Lewis, joint venture manager at National Grid Property, commented: "National Grid, WNDC and Northampton Borough Council have worked closely in partnership to bring forward the regeneration of this large redundant site right in the heart of Northampton and I am delighted to see work beginning.

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