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Flood-hit Spencer Court in Newburn set for demolition

A block of flats on Newburn's Spencer Court has been earmarked for imminent demolition after floods caused irreversible damage.

Block B, the second of Spencer Court's blocks to be damaged by flooding in September 2012, is set to be demolished by engineers this week after the flats were found to be too unstable to allow families to return.

While Block E has long since been demolished, millions of pounds have been spent to stabilise the surrounding area and prevent the demolition of further homes. However, following recent tests, engineers concluded that Block B was no longer safe for habitation.

A spokesman for Dunelm Homes, freeholder for 10-year-old Spencer Court, has said that the company are sad to see another block demolished. They said: “The impact on all of the residents at Spencer Court has been shocking and protracted and our sincere sympathies are with them as we continue to work hard alongside them to achieve as satisfactory solution as is possible in this dreadful matter.

Newcastle City Council, who have worked with the property company since the flooding in 2012, have confirmed that residents of blocks A, C and D are expected to be back in their homes during May 2014, two years after the initial collapse.

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