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Glasgow housing demolished in controlled explosion

A block of flats in Glasgow has been brought down in a controlled explosion by the Glasgow Housing Association.

Located on Rosemount Street, Glasgow, the flats had been part of the city skyline since 1968 but required demolishing as part of the North of Glasgow regeneration project.

Before the demolition took place, around 500 homes within a five-mile radius of the building were evacuated as a safety precaution.

The block of contained 144 flats and many former residents have been moved to the newly constructed GHA homes, which are located around the local area.

The demolition resulted in over 10,000 tonnes of rubble but the site will now be cleared to make way for 100 new houses, all of which are expected to be complete by 2016.

Alex McGuire, Director of Property for Wheatley Group, GHA's parent company, said: "This is one part of a new beginning for the North of Glasgow."

He continued: "These flats have been home to hundreds of families since 1968 but their time has come to an end."

To date, GHA has invested more than £1.3 billion in the improvement of homes across Glasgow, and the project is set to continue with demolitions at both Sighthill and Barmulloch.

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