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Skegness Victorian building set for demolition

One of Skegness' best-known Victorian buildings is set to be demolished after East Lindsey District Council found "no viable" use for it.

Skegness Inn on the Park, located in Tower Gardens, was built in 1879 and was run as a local pub until it was left empty in 2007.

According to the BBC, the district council released a statement explaining the expense that would be involved in the repairing the building, stating that "repair and refurbishments costs are too high for these to be achievable."

It continued: "At the start of this process we made clear that if no viable proposals came forward, demolition would be the only remaining option."

Local campaigners have accused the council of showing "very little interest" in saving the building. Chair of the Skegness Civic Society, Steve Kirk, has argued that demolition was the authority's preferred option and that those involved have failed to consider the possibility of renovation.

However, the campaigners have acknowledged the fact that the Victorian building, which was given to the people of Skegness by the Earl of Scarborough, would require an annual income of around £50,000 in order to remain sustainable after repairs.

Campaigners have begun online petitions in an attempt to persuade the local council to reconsider their decision.

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