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Recycling is paramount within the company to ensure projects are carried out as efficiently as possible. With landfill tax increasing on a yearly basis, recycling is at the fore front of any successful demolition company. To this end, our 6 acre depot licensed by the Environment Agency as a waste Management Site, aggregate recycling, waste transfer and asbestos disposal facilities continues to delivery enviromental targets.

Recycling We recycle over 90% of project waste

Our aim is to recycle over 90% of all waste from each of our demolition projects including recovering waste timber, brick, concrete and stone. In conjunction with the recycling operations, recycled aggregates sales of up to 500,000 tonne per annum is an important sector within our business with sales of 6F2 aggregate increasing year on year.

We are able to offer on site crushing of hard materials, such as concrete recycling. This can then be used as secondary aggregate. On site crushing minimises the disturbance caused by multiple lorry movements and can reduce project costs.

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